Sterling Creativeworks is a leading brand and package design agency for premium and luxury wine, spirits and food. We help our clients create timeless brands consumers crave.


Sterling Creativeworks helps clients develop their brand’s unique emotional appeal and connect with their target customer.

What makes us different? We’re a strategic design agency with 25+ years of experience working with national and international brands. More than just designing pretty labels, we bring insights into branding and consumer behavior specific to the wine, beer and spirits categories. Our well-honed process provides the ideal framework for new ideas to emerge and thrive. Strategy forms the foundation, clarifying the brand essence and emotional triggers that will create lasting relationships with consumers.

What is a standout brand? One that has emotional resonance and depth. It uses all the senses to convey a clear point of view. It stands for something, and inspires fierce loyalty among consumers who align with that point of view. Sure, a great name and striking design are essential to success. But getting a shopper to pick up your package is only the first step. We aim to make consumers crave it, then fall into a long-term relationship, because it inspires them and elevates their daily lives. In other words, we want nothing short of devotion.

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