The most powerful packaging design ideas spring from the true essence of your brand.


Once, a classic package and a story about heritage were the ultimate selling points for insecure wine and spirits consumers. One wine brand looked and sounded pretty much the same as the next.

By the nineties, consumers were feeling more adventurous. Recognizing that wine, beer and spirits packaging didn’t need to be stuffy, marketers flooded the marketplace with gimmicky branding and flashy labels.

Although these brands may create a buzz, they don’t inspire loyalty. What’s missing? Strategic positioning, depth and authenticity.

We take a more thoughtful approach. In our 25+ years creating and re-staging wine, beer and spirits brands, Sterling Creativeworks has developed a keen sense of which visual and verbal cues elicit which emotional responses. We delve into your brand to determine the characteristics that comprise your unique story, and uncover the powerful ideas that appeal to your target customer.

While we are adept at conveying the essential premium qualities of credibility, desirability, prestige, heritage and quality, we can also deliver sassy, irreverent package designs to reel in consumers seeking to indulge their inner rebel.

We bring both visual fluency and focused strategic thinking to our partnerships with clients. Together, we create brands that are intriguing, approachable and inspire consumer devotion.

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