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Packaging of the World Impetus


We were asked to develop a name and package design for a special wine to commemorate Chateau Ste. Michelle’s 50th anniversary. The name, Impetus, honors both the history of Washington’s founding winery, and its forward-looking commitment to creating exceptional wines. We illustrated the concept of time moving forward with a pendulum on a cast metal medallion set in a timelessly elegant label. A neck tag highlights the momentous occasion of the 50th-anniversary release

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We developed these vibrant labels to show off an innovative new ink from G3 Enterprises Label Division. G INK Reflection is a liquid metallic ink that replicates the shine of foil on uncoated and coated stock. Our contemporary design was inspired by iridescent puddle reflections, and allowed us to display this new technology’s full potential as a greener, lower cost embellishment for premium labels.

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This new sparkling wine brand uses a contemporary casual style to engage consumers in a celebratory frame of mind. Informal script lettering and a bold “XO” come together in a rich palette of gold and black in a label that is an inviting and luxurious expression of artistry.

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The Carneros wine growing region is known for its chilly winds and fog – conditions that produce world-class Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. “Carneros” means Ram in Spanish. We created a ram weathervane illustration, his long fur blowing in the wind, to tell the story of this brand’s terroir.

A rich teal label color and heavily embossed metallic ram introduce the core tier wines. For the reserve wines, we commissioned a cast metal embellishment and paired it with a classic cream label featuring bottle numbering.

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Malene is a new premium wine brand. This world-class Rosé from California’s Central Coast needed a package that is fresh, timeless and conveys understated luxury to our sophisticated female consumer group. Our choice of glass shows off the distinctive color of the liquid. The label design was inspired by the sparkle in a rose-colored gemstone and its similarity to the play of light in a high-end Rosé wine.

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Malene Line Extension

Building on the success of our Malene Rosé label, we worked with the client to create packaging for two line extensions. The new Reserve Rosés and varietal-specific “component” wines (Grenache and Vermentino are the grape varietals in Malene Rosé) build out a product line that gives wine club members an opportunity to discover the many facets of premium rosé.

The reserve package is an understated and elegant interpretation of the vertical band motif on the core label design, blind embossed on a pristine opalescent background.

The component wine labels feature the brand’s signature band artwork, with selected bands colored red or green to convey the concept that these varietals are components of Malene rosé wines.

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Pedro Mandinga Rum


Pedro Mandinga Rum is handmade in the heart of Panama City’s historic district. Pedro Mandinga was a legendary figure in Panama history who escaped slavery and he acted as a guide and partner to Sir Francis Drake. As legend goes, Mandinga showed Drake a secret lookout – a high tree “wherein 12 men could sit” – to see both the Caribbean and Pacific oceans. We built the brand story and package design around this unique gathering place, a metaphor for the hospitality and mingling of cultures that is the pride of Panama. Custom lettering and a stamp featuring a portrait of Pedro add personality and handcrafted details.

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Old Young’s Handcrafted Spirits

Owner James Young is one of a handful of pioneers bringing the craft distilling movement to Australia. Our package design combines the client’s commitment to authentic, small-batch distilling with his love for playful experimentation. We used vintage-inspired typefaces, handwritten elements, and kraft paper to convey the handcrafted essence of Old Young’s – as if the labels were handmade at the distillery. Bold hits of color create flavor differentiation and make a strong display of the product range on the shelf.

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Sterling Creativeworks Self-Promo Wine

Our agency is known for designing modern classic packaging for wine, spirits and food. We developed this series of labels to expand client perception of what luxury wine packaging can look like when we reinterpret universal wine themes in unexpected ways.

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Yves Thuriès Chocolates

These premium French chocolates needed updated packaging to appeal to American consumers. We used an updated brand logotype to improve readability and created a rich, chocolate colored ribbon to organize the front panel architecture. Appetizing background colors provide clear flavor differentiation and a copper seal features the Eiffel Tower to quickly say “French import.” Our revised product descriptions help the US market understand these unique products.

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Sterling Creativeworks Featured on Packaging of the WorldSterling Creativeworks
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