We’re pleased to announce the release of our book, “Branding: Distilled.”

This in-depth exploration of branding and packaging design for craft spirits features insights, case studies and actionable information to help aspiring and experienced distillers cut through the clutter in this burgeoning category.

Distributors, bar owners and retailers explain what they look for when considering which brands to carry, and successful small batch distilleries provide readers with advice from the front lines. Author Cynthia Sterling draws on her 25 years of experience designing successful brands to share best practices for branding and design, including:

  • What makes a brand stand out on shelf and in people’s memories
  • How to delight consumers so they in turn share their discovery with friends
  • Establishing your brand strategy
  • The anatomy of a great package
  • Selecting the design team
  • Managing the design process and sourcing materials

With over 150 images of spirits packaging selected from across the country, this book is rich with visual inspiration for distillers, designers and spirits lovers alike. It provides expert advice for distillers and other specialty producers looking to create a premium brand that succeeds in the marketplace. Available for purchase at

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