Packaging Planning is Critical For Bottling Day

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 12.33.36 PMHow important do you think is it to establish open lines of communication between designers, materials vendors and bottling services?

In the April issue of Wines & Vines, Andy Starr launches into this question with a great analogy of two ways to solve the same problem.

” 1. You need open heart surgery. You have a surgeon (probably a highly recommended referral from your primary care doctor.) He or she works with a hospital to book a time and date; all the doctors, nurses, tools, supplies and equipment are in place on the day of your surgery. You defer to their planning and expertise. You eat nothing the night before. The system works. You live a long time and get to meet your grandchildren.

2. You need open heart surgery. You call a few hospitals to see who has open surgery rooms. Your No. 1 priority is to get a good price, because, “Hospitals are a commodity, and it’s my money!” Then you hire a doctor, bring in some nurses from a temp agency who also gave you a heckuva deal, buy scalpels, bandages and oxygen tanks from a range of vendors (you get to go on one vendor’s annual fishing trip if you buy from them), and tell them all to ship to the hospital the day before your surgery date. You don’t ask the hospital which surgery supplies they recommend. A scalpel is a scalpel. Also, you hate the idea of surgery almost as much as you hate bottling wine, so you don’t waste time keeping tabs on your suppliers to see if they will make their delivery dates. Surgery day arrives and ….”

If you are a winery or brand owner, which strategy would you choose in order to remedy your open heart surgery objective?

Cynthia Sterling, Principal and Creative Director at Sterling Creativeworks, shares her insights about the power of communication for all parties involved in your packaging process. Click here to read full article!


Packaging Planning is Critical For Bottling DaySterling Creativeworks
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